Bumper Brood of Barn Owls

Barn Owl Update – The estate barn owls have been successfully rung today by a schedule one BTO ringer with help from the headkeeper. They found 6 chicks of good health, equal size and managed to successfully ring them all.
We will keep you updated as they fledge.
Nobody knows for sure the current Barn Owl population, the last uk survey (Toms et al 2000) estimated there were almost 4000 pairs (+/- 30%) in 1995 – 1997. All estimates produced since then are all guesswork based on the annual monitoring of potential nest sights which is not a reliable way of assessing an overall population level.
2016 was a poor year in most areas but generally better in the west of England. The data received from 32 monitoring schemes checking 6058 nest sights shows that the number of nesting pairs in the uk in 2016 was 6% below the all year average and the average number of young in the nest was 7% below. (Data from Barn Owl Trust)
Six is a large brood. Barn owls are capable of producing three broods of 5-7 young each year, most breed only once and have on average 2.5 young, and sadly 25% of nests produce no young at all.
So lets hope this bumper brood helps to up the figures for this year.
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