The Yorkshire Dales Moorland Group was established in 2015 along with many other regional groups across England and Scotland.  We are a collection of rural estates within the Yorkshire Dales.  The group demonstrates the work we undertake for our countryside highlighting the positive environmental, conservation, economic and social benefits of managed moorlands.

We feel the media has been influenced by one opinion for far too long and it was time for the real people on the ground to have a voice and show all what’s great about our way of life, and the work that goes into making our beautiful dales landscape the way it is today.
The group is ran by keepers wives who do the admin and the keepers themselves across almost all of the managed moorland estates within the dales who send the admin team photos and updates of their daily life so we can put into words to anyone that wants to listen via social media sites such as Facebook and instagram which has given us a platform to shout about how fantastic our managed moorlands are, not only encouraging red listed birds to thrive, we are preserving the precious heather moorland that so many enjoy for walking, exploring, experiencing wildlife, photography the list goes on, and of course all economic benefits for our local economy.
We pride ourselves on getting the young children out onto the moors and educating them on wildlife and conservation from an early age so they understand the environment they are brought up around.
We hold a monthly meeting where the admin team meet up with the keepers of the dales to re group and discuss new ideas for fundraising events, promoting the group and what shows we plan to attend going forward.