Let’s Learn Moor 2019

The first week in July saw the Yorkshire Dales Moorland Group welcome 217 school children to Grinton estate which is one of there managed moorlands in the Yorkshire Dales.

The children learnt all about the exceptional conservation work our gamekeepers do, the habitat managed moorlands create and what wildlife thrive on them.

Alongside this we had the following organisations that play their part in protecting and helping our moorlands.

* Swaledale Mountain Rescue

* Richmond Fire & Rescue

* Northern Sky Falconry

* Paul Whent – Local Bee Keeper

Gamekeepers from 6 different estates across the dales spoke to the children over the two days on the following topics…

* Wildlife and predator control

* Gundogs and the role they play

* Heather burning – during this session children were shown the the old fashion and modern day equipment used. We had an ArgoCat on site which is an all terrain vehicle that plays an important part in moorland management as it can handle the most difficult terrain, therefore can get close to most fires with a water tank on the back… the children took turns using the machine to spray the water which was enjoyed by all of them during these warm condition.

A huge thank you to BASC, MA, NGO & Countryside Learning for all their help and support to make this event such a success. It’s wonderful to see all these big organisations working together on such a worthy project.

It wasn’t just us ., all 6 regional moorland groups are taking part in this years #LetsLearnMoor19 showcasing different organisations specific to each area and how they play their part in working along side us.

During this week over 1400 school children have had this fantastic outdoor learning experience., what an amazing week of educating the next generation., without a computer in sight 🙌🏻

Each child went away with one of our #YDMG goodie bags which contains our new colourful fun activity work booklet to continue their learning at home and hopefully encourage them to get back out into the countryside soon! 😊☀️

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