Grouse update 2019

Red Grouse are known as the king of game birds… this hen certainly is the queen of motherhood keeping all these chicks in check 🙌🏻

Early brood size monitoring is looking positive and suggest we should have a surplus of Grouse this year on a higher percentage of our moors which mean we can hold more shoot days within the Yorkshire Dales, unlike last season where a lot of estates did not shoot at all.

This had a huge impact on the local economy.

No shoot days = no casual staff needed (beaters, flankers, loaders, pickers up), no caterers needed meaning the local butcher, baker, and green grocer all suffered, there was no hotels needed, no extra vehicle hire, no extra fuel at the local filling stations, no extra trade for local shops.

The absence of grouse was felt not just on the moors, but also on the restaurant menus.

If the weather stays kind to us between now and August we are hopeful for a much better year 🤞🏻

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