Moorland Visit for the Cubs

Last night Hawes Cubs came for a Moorland visit to Bolton castle estate in the heart of the Yorkshire Dales.  The keepers show the 14 boys aged between 8 – 10 and their leaders different aspects of moorland management. 

They all enjoyed having a go with the leaf blowers that we use when heather burning for putting out fires and seeing how the traps work that we use for our important predator control, they were able to see the benefits of doing that by seeing a whole host of wildlife on the moor including a lapwings nest and some young grouse chicks. 

An interesting evening or them all and one I’m certain they will never forget.

#cubs #hawescubs #hawes #yorkshire #boltoncastle #moorlandvisit #education #educatethemyoung #wildlife #managedmoorland #showingthemwhatwedoandwhy #makingmemories #yorkshiredales #YDMG


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