Gamekeeper from YDMG helps rescue 60 children on a school trip stuck in the snow.

KEEPERS TO THE RESCUE !!! Fantastic work and kindness from one of our keepers who went above and beyond to get up to Grinton lodge YHA this morning to rescue 2 buses of school children who have been stuck up there all week.
He did 3 runs with the pickup and trailer to bring all the luggage down to the main road where the buses were waiting to take them home.
All the children were very excited about the gamekeepers rescue and the whole Yorkshire snow adventure, an adventure I’m sure they will never forget! #keeperstotherescue #schoolchildrenstuckinthesnow #rescuemission #yha #grinton #yorkshire #snow #stuckinthesnow #makingmemories #aschooltriptoremember #beastfromtheeast #homesafe #yorkshiredales #YDMG

The Northern Echo has covered the story .

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