Regenerating Heather Moorland

75% of the worlds remaining heather moorland is found in Britain , but this area declined alarmingly over the latter part of the last century.
Re-seeding heather is a very costly process sometimes can run up to as much as £1,100 per acre in the worst areas. Estates which take re-seeding on, often do it at the land owners expense both in money terms and time.
Without this commitment by land owners / sporting right holders the decline in our heather moorland would be sure to go up, and without this work the precious land would revert to scrub or forest.
By maintaining the heather moorland we are maintaining the exceptional habitats for unique birds, plants and animals and also safeguarding peat for carbon storage and water quality. Rabbit control is another factor, the wild rabbit weighs 1.2 – 2kg. High population densities can cause both economic and ecological damage on heather moorland.
On this moor in the Yorkshire Dales extensive rabbit fencing is used with drop box traps to control the rabbit population all year round as the picture shows., one side of the fence has been re-seeded and the other is with rabbit and sheep grazing pressure. However we do need a balance as the sheep do play an important role on the moors.
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