School Visit

Back in the spring the Yorkshire Dales Moorland group funded the children from Burnsall Primary school in the heart of the dales to come up onto their local moor and spend time with the headkeeper to learn about the local wildlife and their habitats.

Despite the somewhat disappointing weather all the children were keen to get out onto the moor. They were able to see some red grouse and their chicks, lapwings, skylarks and a meadow pipit. After lunch the headkeeper had a great selection of photographs to show the children some of the other ground nesting birds that they we not lucky enough to see that day so they know what to look out for next time.

The day finished with all the children having a go with the flogging unit on the argo cat to try and pop some ballons on a target which they all really enjoyed, and then after having a go with the old fashion flogging pans they could understand how lucky we are to have modern day machinery for controlled heather burning and combatting wild fires.

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